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If you are looking to buy property to reside in or for investment purposes, we will help you find it. Our consultants are experts in sourcing the right property to meet your needs. Are you tired of paying rent? Do you want to buy property as an investment for the future? Better location? Need something bigger?

We are able to handle properties all across Japan. If you are looking at an investment, we would recommend Shinjuku-Ku, Shibuya-Ku, Minato-Ku and Shinagawa-Ku. These areas will give you the best return on your investment at up to 8% gross yield.

Please let us know your requirements and we will begin the search for you. Allow us to recommend the best property to maximise your investment or just stop paying rent and own your own place. We provide a full English Contract translation when you buy property. We will also assist you with an English speaking Judicial Scrivener for the title transfer.We can also help to arrange renovations and handle Property Management at 4% monthly.Contact us for details!

Costs to buy property in Tokyo

1. Acquisition Tax

A one-time acquisition tax of 1.5% of the government valuation (approx 60-80% of actual market value) of the land and 3% of the building value is payable within six month of purchase.

2. Registration Tax

Registration tax is 2% of the government valuation (see above) of land and 1.3% of the value of the building. Mortgages incur a rate of 0.4% of the loan amount.

3. Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is payable to the government and varies between 10,000yen to 540,000yen (depending on the purchase price).

4. Judicial Scrivener Fees

A Judicial Scrivener will handle settlement and registration of your property. Anticipate a maximum cost of 100,000yen for a property worth 100 million yen.

5. Agents Fees

Our Agent fees are the lowest in Tokyo at 3% of the property sale price
Please call us directly on 81-3-5579-8859 with an outline of your property needs.