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How to rent an apartment

We specialize in renting properties and supporting expatriates worldwide. We will source exactly the right apartment, flat, house for you. We are happy to answer your questions about how to rent an apartment in Tokyo. We are not limited to the properties listed on our site and can resource exactly the right place to meet your needs.

Corporate Applications

If your company is signing the lease please let us know any requirements from your employer. If you are renting as an individual, your Visa must be valid for 12 months and your rent must be less than a third of your salary. You will also require a Japanese citizen to serve as a Guarantor and an Emergency contact person. Please be aware that the initial cost can be higher than expected and will be partially refunded when you move out.


Your agent will pick you up at your hotel/apartment on the day.Please wear comfortable removable shoes as properties have a shoes-off policy. Your agent will take you to see the properties you pre-selected. They will answer any questions you have to assist your decision. Please provide a copy of your Passport to secure the property of your choice on the day. Negotiations will begin from your application. The initial application is an intent to rent the property. Your agent will do their best to negotiate on your behalf and compromises may need to be made.


Following your final decision, the screening procedure will begin. The property will be secured for you until the owner approves your application. Contract documentation is generally in Japanese and a translation may be offered in some cases for reference purposes. The process can be expected to take 2 weeks maximum from application to move in and longer during holiday periods.

Moving In

Please confirm the move-in date on your contract. Your agent will meet you at your accommodation and take you to your new residence. They will arrange connection of utilities on your behalf and internet as necessary. An inspection for damages will be conducted with you and signed. Please keep a copy as it will be needed when you vacate.

Ongoing Support

We are here as an external Concierge to continuously support your stay in Tokyo so please do not hesitate to contact us throughout the duration of your contract. We regularly hold events for those new and old to Tokyo and we welcome your participation.