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Relocation Services

Our Relocation Experts will support you before and after you move to Tokyo. Our Relocation Services are free if your budget is over 200,000 yen.

Compulsory Resident registration

Non-Japanese residents are required to obtain and carry a Resident card at all times for identification. Residents are required to visit the local government office and register. Our staff will assist you with this procedure and help you complete the necessary documents.

Obtaining a mobile phone

Japan operates under a different telecommunications system to that of your home country. There is no guarantee that a Japanese Sim Card will work in your device (including mobile, Ipad etc). Therefore, you will need to register for a new service and device. We can accompany you to a provider and assist you with connection.

Opening a bank account

If your company does not open a bank account for you, our staff will assist. We can help with completing documents and translation. Many banks have English Speaking staff and we can recommend those. Your rent is automatically deducted from your account to save time. Once you move-in we can help set up the account for you.

Furniture purchase or rental

Once you decide on your apartment and have measurements, it’s time to shop! Tokyo Apartments staff can recommend the most affordable options for renting. If you plan to stay for a while, our staff will escort you to stores to buy the items you need. We will send recommendations of which websites are best to suit your budget. Our relocations services are the ‘total package’.

Expat community introduction

We create a network for our clients. We regularly hold events to welcome Tokyo newbies. Our staff are Expats too! We are aware of the needs of our clients and confident in recommending facilities and organisations where you can feel like part of a community.

Optional Relocation Services (Additional Fee)

Car license validation

Please bring a complete copy of your driving record from home. We drive on the left. If you usually drive on the right, you may need to sit a test. We can help you with driving lessons and test preparation. Driving Centres do not speak English. We can help!

Purchasing a car and parking

We can recommend reliable car dealerships and help with negotiations. You need a parking certificate to park near your house and we can help. Car space depends on the size and weight of your car. On-street parking is not available if you rent an apartment. Cars are parked in a tower or machine. Tokyo Apartment staff will offer the best solution and help you apply. Parking fees are usually over 25,000 yen per month.

School recommendations, visits and application

Please bring your childs’ school records with you. Let us know the age of your child and education background. We can recommend the best schools in Tokyo to suit your needs. We make appointments. We will accompany you to the school and help you with paperwork.