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Transportation in Tokyo

All of Tokyo’s public transportation can be used with a single card: the Suica or PASMO prepaid card.

Suica/PASMO can be used to pay the fare for virtually all trains and buses in the Tokyo region, including JR trains, subways and monorails, but excluding Shinkansen. For trains, which require an additional fee, e.g. reserved carriages, special services, this fee must be paid separately. These cards can also be used at some convenience stores and restaurants.


Purchasing/Recharging Suica/PASMO

Suica/PASMO cards can be purchased at vending machines and ticket counters in railway stations of JR and Tokyo Metro. The initial cost includes a refundable deposit of 500 Yen plus an initial amount added onto the card. Suica/PASMO cards can be recharged at vending machines in railway stations of JR and Tokyo Metro.

Current Balance will be shown as you pass a ticket gate or can also be checked at ticket vending machines.

Refund of Deposit

Return your card to a ticket counter of a JR railway station in the Tokyo area for your 500 yen deposit refund. Unused credit will also be refunded (210 Yen handling fee applies).

To Purchase a Commuter Pass (Teiki)

If you travel the same route to work daily, you can purchase a pass for either 1, 3 or 6 months and it will save you money. Students may purchase a pass at the students rate by presenting valid ID at the pass office.

Tokyo Metro:


In most cases a red light indicates an available taxi whilst green indicates an occupied taxi. Taxis can be hailed almost anywhere and Taxi drivers will remotely open the left rear door for customers, so please do not try to open the door yourself. Most taxi drivers do not speak English, so if you do not have a written address of your destination on hand, please provide a well known landmark or station name.

Standard fares start at 710 Yen for the first 2km (1.25 miles) and then 90 Yen per 288m additional or 105 seconds of waiting time. A late-night 20% surcharge applies to all fares between 10:00PM-5:00AM period. Tipping is not necessary.

The following taxi companies in Tokyo can be called in English for pick up:

Nihon Kotsu 03-5755-2336

MK Taxi 03-5547-5551

Both companies accept major credit cards – Visa, MC, JCB, AMEX and Diners.